Once, I read in the Characters magazine (08.2019) an article written by Wieslaw
Lukaszewski. His words got right into my head: “everyone who has ever written, painted,
designed […] literally everyone who has managed to create anything knows that the end […]
has barely anything to do with the beginning”.

I started designing our clocks 4 years ago. Then, I often heard that I should have shown them
to the world earlier, maybe it was something that nobody would want. I didn’t care about it – I
just wanted to create them.

Maybe you are that kind of person – a woman who knits, a man who develops a computer
game. Maybe time is more precious to you when you just devote it to your hobby and enjoy
the moment, not when you only focus on the final result. The point is that your way and you
time spent on enjoying it really matters.