My name is Paweł and together with my son Michał, we are developing a family concrete clock manufacture.

No one wakes up with an ingenous idea that, in the 21st century, in a rented two-room apartment, they will establish a concrete factory.

I am a young dad and a graduate of design studies, which is my profession.  I love spending time with my son and showing him how the world works and how it is to create things with one’s own hands.

Together we order, assemble, form, grind, pour, glue and send. We do everything manually.

The time that is past

It all began when I showed my dear boy how to make a mould for his plastic blocks out of industrial silicone . We were pouring them with ready-made concrete that we obtained from the DIY store. And then we made another thing, and another…

Staying up late, I was polishing the copywriting. Then branding, photographs, models, catalogs, visualizations.

From a mutually-shared hobby, we have advanced to the stage where we can …

Think about it seriously. We have practically everything.

We have the first clocks that are ready for shipment. It’s the time to introduce ourselves to the world, to establish cooperation and open the workshop.

We are at the stage where we want to…

The time that is now

The time that will come

We strive to cooperate with the best designers in the country and fulfill our dream of promoting Polish design internationally. What is more, we want to promote ecologic lifesyle and support charities. There are plenty of ideas. We are even thinking about building our own mechanism!

So, everything will be fine. Just give us time to spread our wings!

What’s the plan?

We are building our company on our own terms! We want to cooperate with people like us – enthusiasts, creators, designers. In the spirit of sustainable development, for the sake of the environment and with the perspective for constructive collaboration.

We want to…

  • Establish a partnership,
  • Promote designers,
  • help and integrate the community,
  • Link, mark and deselect
  • Use our social media to get more coverage and reach further and further
  • We want to establish a brand, build studios, streamline processes, employ people.
  • We want to participate in charity actions, educate and learn for ourselves.
  • We want to open a real workshop and constantly experience pure joy as we create something new every single day.

What do we expect?

At this stage, your word is of utmost priority. The word that you wish to enrich your designs of the interiors with our clocks.

That’s all 🙂

After all, we do not sell our clocks to you, nor do we expect you to sell them.
We are aware that the final decision about the purchase lies in the hands of the investor.

You are the designer and you know who you create for. If you appreciate our story and our products – you want to work with us, you will be able to talk about it further.

You also don’t sign a cyrograph, use other brands freely 😉

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