Our Story

It really wasn’t that one day I woke up and found out, that in the 21st century, in a rented, two-room flat, we’re gonna make a concrete clock factory.

Let’s go back in time


You’re 21 years old, quit your studies & work as a graphic designer.
Your son is born, he grows up. You really like this little fellow and you want to show him how the world works and how objects are made.  


From the High School of Fine Arts, you remember how to cast things – so you show how to make molds and then how to cast blocks.

And that’s how the fun begins.

You come after work, pour out, improve the recipe, ride with your son in the warehouses, play. You spend three years together like that.

The idea of creating something of your own, something that will symbolize spending time together…

A clock is being created

Together you design, plan, order, pour, mix

form, grind, mould, polish…

… lay, stick, assemble.

You were faced with a choice

The hobby is growing, and it is becoming too expensive to finance a concrete factory from your own pocket. If you want to further develop your project, you have to think about it seriously.

So you start –
media, packages, marketing, accounting, advertising.

You finally made it!
You have created one of the most design clocks in the world.
You can proudly put your name under the work of your own hands.

There’s one last step left.

It is time to find people who will appreciate your passion. And they will become part of your time.
So you present the whole story, to convince you to take the last step.