Our Story

No one just suddenly wakes up in a concrete clock factory…

Let’s go back in time


You’re twenty-one years old, had nothing to worry about, living the dream with my high school sweetheart, studying Design at the University. The doctors told you that you would never be able to have children… and then a miracle happened and your son was born and our whole life has changed. 


Working as a graphic designer, once the little fella grew up enough to be interested in the world surrounding, I started showing him how “things” are made.

As an Art College Graduate and an Artist you showed him how to make molds and cast blocks. 

And this is how the fun began!

In the three years of playing with casing, pouring, sculpting – we have worked on all the imperfections and flaws, improved the recipe and researched the market for the finest mechanism.

The idea of creating something of your own, something that will symbolize spending time together…

And the first clock has been made.

Design… plan… order… make mold… measure… mix… pour…

form… cure… grind… polish… measure…

lay… assemble… check… and repeat…

What first started as a hobby grew into a serious business.

The hobby is growing, and it is becoming too expensive to finance a concrete factory from your own pocket. If you want to further develop your project, you have to think about it seriously.

So we start –
Research… advertising… marketing… accounting… content… media… packaging…

And we finally made it!
We have finally designed and created the finest work of art – our clock.
And we proudly put our name on the work of our own hands.

There is just one more step left:

If you have the passion for the design and appreciation for the time,
We would love you to become a part of our story.