The Time Manufacturer

I would like to tell you a story
that undergoes changes over time.

It all started with a single mold. Today

We design, plan, outsource, assemble,

form, polish, pour, arrange, send.

Not only we do create,

we spend time together.

Starting from scratch, with the first designs of molds and making our own recipe.

We Manufacture Concrete Clocks

each one of them is unique, hand-made in Poland.


Laser cut 0.2 mm stainless steel


Each polished stainless steel numeral is placed on the clock’s face by hand


Our concrete is poured into hand-crafted molds.


The heart of our clock is a widely-respected mechanism – Junghans, a german producer with more than 150 years of tradition.


Our story

Can you imagine a little guy, who, in a flat, in the bathroom, mixes concrete in bowls?

Michał & our history

Yes, we’ve turned our own bathroom into a concrete manufacture
– My wife will probably murder me one day 😉

In the beginning, it was only for fun,
today – it can be a way of life. 

Now, you can be a part of our life and for the piece of our time let us spend more of it together.